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Kentucky Hundtäcke Original Svart

Kentucky Hundtäcke Original Svart

729 kr

Det här utmärkta hundtäcket gjordes för att matcha Kentuckys nya linje av hästtäcken.

Täcket har en fyllning på 160gr och har en artificiell kaninpälsfodring för extra komfort vilket skapar små luftfickor som behåller hundens kroppsvärme.

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– The first Kentucky Dogwear product and already worn by thousands of dogs worldwide
– Artificial rabbit skin lining and 160G filling for extra warmth and comfort
– Strong outer fabric 1000D high tenacity polyester
– Artificial sheepskin on the neck
– Hook and loop closures on chest and belly

What’s special
The dog coat original was the first Kentucky Dogwear product. Since the beginning, the product was a big success and is now worn by thousands of dogs all over the world. Thanks to the durable fabrics and the timeless design, your dog will enjoy the coat for many winters.

Fabrics & materials
The dog coat original has a filling of 160g. The coat features an artificial rabbit skin lining for extra comfort. The lining creates tiny air pockets that trap and retain the body heat of the dog. The soft lining also polishes the dog’s hairs, for a shiny coat. There’s a little hood provided on the neck. The hood is made from artificial sheepskin and offers comfort and warmth. The outer fabric is made of 1000D high tenacity polyester to ensure it is resistant to tearing. The diamond quilting ensures a classy and timeless look.

Shape & size
The dog coat can be closed with hook and loop closures on the chest and belly. The closures are finished off with artificial leather patches. The hood can be folded back over the neck for extra cover

Care guide
The dog coat original has been specially designed to sustain the washing machine at 30°. We advise you to close the hook and loop closure before putting the dog coat in the washing machine. We do not recommend using a dryer.

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L 56cm, M 46cm, S 35cm, S/M 42cm, Tax 40cm, XL 62cm, XS 31cm, XXL 76cm, XXS 25cm